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CO-FOUNDER/ Film Director /PRODUCER/script writer

Danylo Kovtun

The Visionary of the Viewfinder

The Visionary of the View finder Co-founder, director, producer, and the guy who writes stuff that makes you say, "Wow, didn't see that coming!" With a 7-year run in the biz, Danylo’s got more creative twists than a pretzel factory. He's not just about getting results; he’s about getting results that leave you scratching your head in awe.

Think of him as a Swiss Army knife in a world of butter knives. Danylo’s the kind of guy who'd try to teach a camera to write poetry - and succeed. Enthusiastic? Check. Goal-oriented? Double check. The only thing standard about his approach is that there’s nothing standard about it.
co - founder /clients relationships /scriptwriter

Petya Buffett

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VP of Creative/Editor/Colorist

Konstantin Prymachenko

The Cinema Virtuoso

Scriptwriter, editor, colorist, and the man who lives and breathes cinema. Konstantin isn't just in the film industry; he's a maestro orchestrating stories and hues like a symphony. Think of a film buff, and then imagine someone who’s watched enough movies to set world records.

His creativity isn’t just off the charts, it’s off the screen! If there were an academy award for devouring films, Konstantin would be its perennial nominee. With a knack for storytelling and a master's touch in editing and color grading, he turns raw footage into visual poetry.
sales manager

Dmytro Vasiliev

Sales Management Prodigy

Dmytro Vasiliev, with his keen insight and adeptness in sales, plays a crucial role in driving business growth. His ability to understand market trends and connect with clients makes him an invaluable asset to the sales team. Dmytro consistently delivers results, balancing ambition with team collaboration.
Director of photography/Camera Man

Nicolai Fomin

The Lens Wizard

Not just a camera guy, Nicolai's the storyteller behind the lens. In Moscow's big-league projects, he turned frames into life, mixing tech skills with creative flair. Ask him about the perfect angle for a dumpling shot; his answer's a real eye-opener!
Designer/3D Motion specialist

Dasha Buffett

The Pioneer of Pixel Perfection

Designer and 3D motion specialist, Daria Kovtun, isn't just shaping graphics; she's sculpting the future of digital artistry. Her world is one where pixels dance and designs come alive, creating visual spectacles that mesmerize and inspire.

With a keen eye for detail and a flair for breathing life into every project, Daria transforms ordinary concepts into extraordinary 3D experiences. Whether it’s animating a logo to tell a story or crafting entire virtual worlds, her work isn't just seen; it's felt.

Kristina Yatchenko

Dynamic Film Producer

As a producer, Kristina Yatchenko turns creative visions into cinematic realities. Her knack for orchestrating complex projects from concept to completion makes her a dynamic force in film production. Kristina's expertise ensures that every production is not just completed, but brought to life with finesse and vibrancy.
Sound director

Oleh Derde

The Soundscapes Wizard

Sound director Oleh Derde transforms ordinary noises into extraordinary auditory experiences. His knack for capturing and enhancing the essence of a scene with sound breathes life into every project. Oleh's work elevates storytelling, making each moment resonate with audiences.
Danylo Kovtun

Film Director / Co-founder

Petya Gubko

Clients Relationships / Co-founder

Konstantin Prymachenko

Creative Director

Dmytro Vasiliev

Sales Manager

Nicolai Fomin

Director Of Photography

Dasha Kovtun

Designer / 3D Specialist

Kristina Yatchenko


Oleh Derde

Sound Director

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