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Turbo Group, a leading transportation company, faced the challenge of attracting new drivers while also building strong partnerships with American businesses. Their goal was to appeal to truck owners seeking fair employment opportunities and establish Turbo Group as a reputable brand in the B2B sector


1. The problem of attracting new drivers

In the highly competitive logistics labor market, attracting skilled drivers poses a challenge. While drivers earn based on miles traveled and cargo rates, there are often hidden factors influencing their potential earnings. Turbo Group boasts several advantages that can help drivers increase their income, yet effectively communicating these benefits and convincing drivers of their value was essential

2. Attracting new clients

With numerous logistics companies vying for clients in the USA, attracting customers in the B2C space presents a considerable hurdle. This requires a strategic media approach tailored to the target audience, ensuring effective communication and engagement

3. Image Building

To establish partnerships with larger companies, Turbo Group recognized the need to enhance its image through video advertising. This involved developing and implementing compelling video content that conveyed the company's philosophy and goals within the industry, specifically targeting B2B cooperation


Turbo Group faced the daunting task of identifying and addressing the pain points experienced by potential employees and clients alike. Our journey to overcome these hurdles took on a multi-faceted approach:

1. Attracting private clients (B2C)

Sometimes people need to move, and this can be problematic. We decided to show, quite literally, the extent of this issue and what a person can experience from start to finish, including the most unexpected outcomes. However, it is also important to demonstrate how you can solve this headache with the help of Turbo Group

2. Attracting Drivers through Storytelling

The task was to showcase the undeniable advantages that can be gained by collaborating with Turbo Group through the lens of a legend. We considered the behavior patterns and psychology of drivers, and concluded that drivers often make employment decisions through collective discussions. We gathered the main benefits of the company and integrated them into a narrative that ultimately proved to be authentic

3. Attracting drivers to cooperate with Turbo Group in the driver review format

The driver lists the reasons why he chose Turbo Group. The story reveals exclusively the subjective opinion of the character in this plot, listing all the advantages that he receives by working with Turbo Group.

4. Attracting clients to repair their pickup truck at Turbo Truck Service (Subsidiary of Turbo Group)

Turbo Truck Service offers various discounts and bonuses to its customers as part of its expansion strategy aimed at attracting a wider clientele. Given the company's youthful stage and the imperative to expand its customer base, our objective was to delineate all the advantages of collaboration using factual language

5. Image video

It was necessary to craft the company's identity, essentially its business card, encompassing crucial elements: articulating the company's philosophy, defining its positioning, and highlighting its associative qualities.

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